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The Secret To Organization

The Secret To Organization

Below you will find our pillars to start your journey to an organized life and to elevate your space and mind. Have you eve wanted to know the secret to getting organized?  It doesn't require you to fold perfectly or outfit your entire home with organizing products.  In fact, the most important first steps to achieving an more organized life, don't require any sorting or folding!  

Mindful Ownership 

You must learn to think about your belongings in terms of their weight and decide when your belongings are worth keeping and when new items are worth bringing into your home. The weight or strain of your belongings needs to be less than their value or you should get rid of your belongings.  Read more about how to change your mindset here


Find Balance

We should be striving for balance in our space - not too little or too much of anything, including organization. Read more about balance when organizing here


Think of Organization as Self-Care

We know this is a radical thought for most of you, but we believe it wholeheartedly to be true. Getting organized is a straightforward action you can take to preserve and improve your own health -and that’s the definition of self-care. Read more about organization as self-care here


Once you truly understand these above three concepts, it’s much easier to physically get your space in shape and to keep it that way. The next three steps are the three physical steps you can take to transform the way you live. 



Edit your Belongings

Take that newfound mindset about the weight of your belongings and use it to edit out items you do not need, want, or use. Read more about editing your belongings here


Corral Like-with-Like 

Sorting your belongings so that similar items live together allows you to shop based on need and locate your items so they are easy to access and easy to put away.  You can use containers, like our bins, to corral items that are similar. However, we urge you to think back to step 2 (Find Balance) and not overbuy containers or over sort your categories of items. Read more about sorting here


Find a Place for Everything 

Every single one of your items should have a place in your home. Read more about finding a place for everything here


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