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Simple Tricks for Hanging Clothes

Simple Tricks for Hanging Clothes
I am going to get right to the point and share a handful of tips that I think are important when hanging clothes in your closet! These are simple and take little time to implement. They also make a real difference in your efficiency within your closet. We make small steps and choices every day in terms of how we manage our space and these add up.

Spending the time to set up your closet systems correctly will make a positive difference in your life.


1. Hang your clothes facing the same direction. It makes it easier to pull your clothes off the rack. With repetition, your brain becomes trained so that you can grab items off the rack and then pull the item off the hanger easily without adjusting your grip or having to think much about it. If your clothes are facing different directions, you can get held up adjusting the item in your hand when you pull your clothes off. This is such a simple change and it may not seem worth it but I promise, it is. It's also worth mentioning that clothes will look much nicer facing the same direction as well.
2. When you take an item off a hanger, move the hanger to the end of the rack so that you can grab the empty hanger quickly when you are placing the item back in the space. This saves time when you are putting back multiple items at once since you don’t have to search between other clothes for the empty hangers.
3. Use low profile hangers. So often we go into a client's closet and the client is struggling to fit everything in the space because they are using bulky hangers that take up too much room. By sizing down to a low profile hanger, you can fit far more items in the space.
4. A personal favorite tip of mine is to use child-size hangers for tops and jackets when working with petite clothes that do not have wide shoulders. I use child size hangers in my own closet and they work so much better than adult hangers which are universally made for a medium-sized man. The smaller width of child hangers helps prevent stretch marks in the shoulders of clothing.
5. Standardize your hangers. This tip is all about the aesthetic of the space. If you want to level up the look of your closet, invest in matching hangers. I personally love velvet hangers since they look good, satisfy a low profile, and they grip so that items will not slip off.
These are small changes that you can make to your own space that will make a positive difference in your relationship with your closet. If you want more personalized help, other tips, or someone to help implement a new system in your space, please reach out via the chat window on our website or via email to hello@sortjoy.com. We are always here to help!

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