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You can call, email, or text us for a free consultation at your convenience. We would love to chat with you about your space, answer any questions you have, and give a personalized quote. We promise to relieve your concerns and give you a few organizing tips while we are at it!

  • Sort, Rearrange, Organize, and/or Maintain your Space with 1 Organizer

    4 hr

    $350 per session

  • Sort, Rearrange, Organize, and Maintain your Space with 2 Organizers

    4 hr

    $550 per session

  • Sort, Rearrange, Organize, and/or Maintain your Office

    4 hr


  • Helping you Move Into or Out of a New Home or Office!

    6 hr


  • This Session Focuses on Decluttering and Editing Items

    5 hr


  • Improving and maintaining the organization you already have in place

    3 hr

    $250 per month

****The priced services above include the services of one of our organizers. We offer additional organizers on-site depending on the needs of the project. If you feel that your project could use more than one organizer, just let us know and we can provide you with a pricing guide. 

If your space can use multiple sessions and you are interested in buying a package, click below to see your options.