Sorting Bins (Draft)


Our bins are designed to do more with less.  We never want to clutter your home with anything unnecessary.  We always recommend you shop mindfully and we commit to create with just as much care. 


We commit to manuafcturing with the highest integrity.  We want to feel good about what we create and you should feel good about what you bring into your home. 


  • Felt derived from 100% recycled plastic 
  •  FCS certified recyclable paper products 
  •  Vegan leather made from 65% recycled material 
  •  Packaged minimally to reduce carbon footprint 
  •  Manufactured ethically The highest quality and durability standards



Our bins are the ideal size, weight, and shape for corralling your belongings in a beautiful way. The Sorting Bin will reinvent the way you organize.  


  • We are SUSTAINABLE. You can feel good about what you buy. 
  •  We are DURABLE. You won't damage with frequent use. 
  •  We are LIGHTWEIGHT. Easy to pickup and safe to use on higher shelves. 
  •  We are BEAUTIFUL. Shield your belongings and elevate your space. 
  • We are SMART DESIGN. Works alone on a floor or in your cubby unit.