Securing Those Drawer Inserts

Updated: Aug 17

I have a quick simple fix for all your modular drawer inserts shifting around when you open and close your drawers.

When I found this fix years ago, I thought how silly it was that I had gone so long without it!

Ideally, your drawer inserts fit perfectly in your space but since we know that this is not always possible, and rarely easy to find, you can use this fix to keep your inserts and drawer organizers secure.

Shifting drawer inserts are not the worst problem to have since at least your items are (hopefully) organized within the space, but it’s still annoying to experience. So get ready to use our inexpensive and simple solution. Museum Putty!

Watch the videos below for instructions on how I have used museum putty to secure the modular drawer organizers inside one of my drawers.

Let me show you what my drawer looks like before:

Our simple and easy to use solution: Museum Putty.

Watch me work with museum putty to secure the drawer organizers within the space. Remember, you don't need much putty.

Success! See the final product.

I hope you now wander around your house looking for items to secure like I did when I found this product. Let us know if you have any questions!


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