Desk Hacks when Working From Home

Updated: Aug 17

Let’s talk about working from home without a real space to work from. As professional organizers, we have worked with many clients to get their home offices working effectively and we know that not everyone has the perfect equipment or space.

Muscular and skeletal issues can arise if you don’t pay attention to your posture and position when working, especially if you find yourself at your computer for hours on end.

If you don’t have a dedicated desk area at home, we have put together some ideas that we hope will help you work more effectively and comfortably in the short or longterm.

Find a space resembling a desk

It’s highly important to work from a surface that resembles a desk. Your shoulders should be relaxed, your forearms should be parallel to the desk surface and your eyes should not have to look up or down when staring at your monitor. We know that finding a space like this may be hard at home so read on to learn tricks to make this work for you.

Learn more about creating a seated workspace where you can hold the right posture in this video by Ergonomist Cathy White here and a standing workspace here.

DIY a laptop stand

A laptop stand can be super useful to get your computer screen at the right height so you are not straining your neck by looking down all day. You can DIY a laptop stand out of a shoebox. Learn how here.

Set your chair height

Adjust your chair height with symmetrically folded blankets or sheets if you don’t have an adjustable chair. Just make sure whatever you sit on is even on both sides so you are not leaning to one side or another as you work.

Makeshift a footrest

Place books or a shoebox under your feet to raise their height if your seat is too high for your feet to touch the ground

Raise your monitor height

Place books or a shoebox under your monitor to raise the height.

Have your work tools easily accessible

Have a bin or basket with your work paraphernalia in it so it’s organized and movable when needed.

Good lighting is very important

Make sure the lights are on and if you can, natural light is proven to help you focus so open your blinds and let the sun in.

Clear your clutter

Clear the space around you before you start working. Clutter gets in the way of your focus and your physical being while you work. It can even affect your memory. Make sure your work area is clutter-free before you try to focus.

Move around often

Stand up, move around, and stretch regularly, focusing on neck, back, and shoulders which hold the most tension when working on a computer.


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