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Jess Klein Studio: A Designer's Perspective

Jess Klein Studio: A Designer's Perspective

In a few sentences, introduce our readers to Jess Klein Studio: 

Jess Klein Studio is a Boston-based interior design studio focusing on residential & boutique commercial interior design, from full home renovations to furnishings and moving services, as well as blog and social media partnerships for like-minded brands.

What was your path to this line of work? What inspired you to become an interior designer?

During my childhood as an only child, I discovered my passion for redesigning my room and staying organized—it became a therapeutic outlet for me. Looking back, it feels a bit silly to admit, but at that time, I hadn't realized that Interior Design was a viable career path with its own degree program. However, when I came across Interior Design on the list of degrees offered at Oklahoma State University, I knew instantly that it was the path I wanted to pursue.


How would you describe your design aesthetic? 

My personal style is ever evolving, but it typically leans towards simplicity, with a focus on natural materials and cozy, layered elements. Within our studio, we're able to handle projects of any design preference, thanks to the diverse tastes of our team members. We enjoy stepping outside our comfort zones and embracing different styles, while ensuring that the distinctive JKS touch remains present in all our work.

View Projects by Jess Klein Studio 

You just moved into a beautiful new office! Can you tell us about the space?

Thank you so much! We moved into our new studio in the summer of 2023, and we're thrilled to have a space that we designed ourselves. It was quite a task to get everything sorted—signing the lease, sorting out the tenant improvements, and furnishing the space—but it was worth it. Our studio has become a place the team genuinely enjoys, almost like a second home.

Initially, we debated splitting the space in half due to its size. However, my studio director and I reconsidered, asking ourselves if we'd regret not taking the whole space later on. It turns out we definitely would have. Now, we've got a spacious sample library, a meeting area, a kitchenette, standing tables for projects, and a few cozy corners to hang out in.

The Jess Klein Studio design library

We’re so excited that you’ve selected SortJoy for your design library! Can you tell us more about the library and how it is organized?

The SortJoy Bins have made our design library dreams come true. We are so much more organized now that we have implemented a lot of the Sculpted Bins onto our shelves. We mostly use the bins for tile samples, taking samples to clients houses for review, and for rug samples. The Handle Bin is perfect for filling with rug samples to take to a client’s home.


When it comes to working with clients, what are the biggest challenges you find they face when it comes to creating realistic, functional spaces?

We’ve noticed that many clients feel overwhelmed by the multitude of decisions involved in the design process, and that's where we come in to help save them time and ease their minds. From the beginning, we make it a point to establish realistic expectations, all while striving to create spaces that are both aesthetically beautiful and also practical. 

The Jess Klein Studio design library

We were so happy to see SortJoy featured in a playroom you helped design. Do you have any tips for functional playroom design? Or maintaining order with kids?

I think my biggest tip is to involve kids as much as possible. I know this can be tough at certain ages, but hear me out. Encouraging the whole family to participate in organizing the playroom is far more effective than relying on one person to manage everything. When a child is engaged in the process, understands the system, and recognizes where each toy belongs thanks to clear labeling, the organization is much more likely to stick.

additional quick tips: 

  1. keep a Sortjoy bin in one area of your home that is a collector of misc items/kids stuff that needs to be relocated to the playroom and get into a habit of emptying it weekly.
  1. Take a trash bag every quarter into the playroom and recycle or throw away any art, random scraps, broken toys, etc. There’s something about bringing the bag with you that makes this task so easy.
  1. For our kids' rooms, we love using the SortJoy Handle Bins for their laundry. We have one labeled CLEAN CLOTHES and one labeled DIRTY CLOTHES and it helps a lot with the daunting task of putting the clean laundry away.

Playroom Design by Jess Klein Studio

As an interior designer, business owner, and mom do you have any tips for staying organized while juggling the day-to-day?

My approach to organization is always evolving, depending on the season and our current workload. However, one constant in my routine is my reliance on Google Calendar—it's like my second brain. If it's not scheduled, chances are it won't happen…not to sound wildly lame. 

I also try to set myself up for success the night before. I will go as far as putting out my coffee mug and filling the water kettle, setting out clothes for the next day, and ending the day with a clean kitchen. Not everyday is perfect, but I do think being mindful and intentional about setting my future self up for success has been a game changer.


If someone is looking to update or redesign a room, where should they start?

I think the best place to start if they are looking to work with a designer is to get on a Discovery Call to learn more about the process and see if it would be a good fit for both the designer and the client.

If you are planning to update a room on your own, always start with site measurements and create a budget sheet. From there, you can work on a concept and pull pieces that align with the style and functionality you’re hoping to achieve. 

Tell us about your goals for the future:

Oh goodness we have so many, but our main goals for the future of JKS

  1. We're hoping to explore collaborations with aligned product companies—hint hint SortJoy? ;)
  2. We also want to turn part of our studio into a private boutique shopping experience.
  3. Down the road, my husband and I have discussed creating luxury rentals in the areas we love the most as it combines our love for travel, design & service.


Who has supported you along the way and who inspires you?

My number one supporter is my husband, Cody. He has seen me fail and persevere through the years and he always motivates me to keep going. He is a Landscape Architect and has become a business owner as well so we speak the same language.

I have an incredible team who really cares about JKS and we have a wonderful cadence right now. We wouldn’t be where we are today without Tyler & Angela’s support and dedication to JKS.

And then there’s Lara and Steph - two of my closest friends. They have lifted me up over the years and continue to support me and my business.  

Who Inspires Me - My kids, My late mom (she passed when I was 15 & is a constant inspiration for me), I have a long list of women founders, my team, and of course my husband.

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