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With our focus on Organization as Self-Care, we realize that beautiful, functional products, are only a part of the bigger picture. It is our goal to always be a source for continued learning.

Join us for the Month of Joy

Our goal is to help our Challengers better understand their relationship to their belongings. Over the course of the month, we'll be working on our spaces, but we're also going to incorporate some incredible professional organizer perspectives, rediscover what is important to us, and set intentions that will serve to guide us much past your completion of this challenge!

Intentionality at Home

Learn about our approach organization, where we like to focus on balance and care instead of perfection and pressure.

Just a few of the topics we discuss:

Self vs. Belongings

What is our connection to the things we own?

Wardrobe Management

Where are you now and where should you be?


Is this what we should be aiming for?

Decision Paralysis

What items are worthy of keeping?