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Stefani and Alexa were working as a professional organizer and an interior designer when they decided to join forces and develop a line of home organization products. The goal with SortJoy is to honor the principles of good design with materials that are eco-friendly, timeless, and durable. The team strives to provide alternatives to the generic, unsustainable options found at big box stores. 

In a world where neutral minimalism and rainbow maximalism are glorified, SortJoy believes that real, meaningful systems at home are all about balance. You are so much more than your belongings. Successful organization is not about perfection, but about shifting your mindset and treating organization as self-care. 

Through SortJoy, Stefani and Alexa want to share their knowledge of design and organization with the world. SortJoy products are created for organizing but are beautiful enough to be used anywhere in your home.  Organizing tools shouldn't have to be hidden behind closed doors.