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We are experts in decluttering, sorting, and reimagining spaces with an eye for style.

Do you want an uncluttered, simplified space that lets you live to your fullest potential, but you are not sure how to get there or don't have the time? That’s where we come in! SortJoy can help you leap into your new organized life. We guarantee that you will see improvements to your space!


SortJoy is a home for those who want to live light, clean, and organized lives. Organizing can be simple, freeing, and enjoyable with our virtual assistance and on-site services. We pride ourselves in creating effective, personalized systems to keep your space tidy and your life running smoother than ever.


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Label, label, label. 

At least annually, check expiration dates on your food, medicine, makeup, skincare - everything! Purge what's old and replace ONLY your favorites.

Create zones for your regularly used items to optimize your routines.

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