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SortJoy x Thee Tailored Life: An Organizer's Perspective

SortJoy x Thee Tailored Life: An Organizer's Perspective

Can you tell us about your business Thee Tailored Life?

Thee Tailored Life is a holistic home organizing business committed to guiding people to live with peace, order, and intention and fostering optimal well-being. Holistic home organizing is a thoughtful consideration of my client's needs beyond the physical symptoms. 

 Ashley Hines of Thee Tailored Life (Amanda Evans Photography)


How long ago did you start your business, and what does the name Thee Tailored Life signify to you?

I started my business in December 2020. Thee is old English for you. As such, Thee Tailored Life translates to You Tailored Life and is a double-meaning statement - you accomplished the work of tailoring and living a life tailored to you. I am subtly empowering my clients, and I have immense faith in their ability to create a life that fits their needs and goals. 

How did you get into professional organization? Have you always been an organized person?

The show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo inspired me and introduced professional organizing as a career opportunity. I am innately organized and thrive in ordered spaces. However, I have only sought a minimalistic lifestyle in recent years. 

Ashley Hines of Thee Tailored Life (Amanda Evans Photography)

What would you say your organizing ethos is? What sets you apart from other professional organizers?

As a corporate executive, business owner, and community leader, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to my work. I’m also a wife and a mother of two. My harmony in all these roles offers a practical example and a well-rounded perspective for my clients. I believe my clients can see themselves in my journey, and I am humbled to partner with them. 

Tell us about decluttering in your own home! How often are you getting rid of things?

I LOVE decluttering. My mood instantly improves when I release items our family no longer needs. Because of this therapeutic impact, I declutter weekly, if not multiple times a week. It’s a lifestyle. I also avoid the pile-up by integrating decluttering into our natural rhythm. 

Ashley Hines of Thee Tailored Life (Amanda Evans Photography)


What is the most common misconception about professional organizers?

I’ve heard my entire career that we MAKE people get rid of stuff. For most organizers, this is far from true. I don’t make decisions for any of my clients. I’ll offer my opinion if asked; however, I’m typically asking questions and creating an environment of caring accountability that helps them align their physical environment with their needs and lifestyle goals. 

Ashley Hines of Thee Tailored Life (Amanda Evans Photography)

What are some fun ways to teach organizing to kids? Any tips for staying organized for a family?

Yes! My educational background is in human development and family studies with a concentration in child development. I believe too often, we don’t allow our kids to show up in all the beautiful ways they can. We encourage our kids to help maintain our spaces, and they understand we depend on them in age- and ability-appropriate ways. Our kids have their bedrooms, a shared playroom, and an entire basement. They live freely in most of our home footprint. Of course, I’ve established the systems, but they can influence them and help maintain them. For example, they are responsible for tossing dirty clothes in their hampers, separating clothes on laundry days, making their beds, and resetting their play areas every night. We also communicate the why to our children and thank them for helping to care for our home. We’re flexible and recalibrate regularly. 


If someone is feeling overwhelmed in their space, what’s the one piece of advice you’d give them to help them start?

Get help from a family member, friend, or professional organizer. Having a partner to advance the work can make it feel more manageable and lighten the load in many ways: physically, emotionally, and mentally.  

Ashley Hines of Thee Tailored Life (Amanda Evans Photography)

Tell us about your goals for the future:

I want to continue clarifying my brand and business plan. I have quite a to-do list, and as a solopreneur, I need to pace myself to do things with the intention and attention they deserve. I also want to keep partnering with aligned organizations (The Container Store Ambassador Program has been amazing!) and challenging myself to learn and grow through organizations like the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) to increase my effectiveness with a broader range of clients. 

What is your favorite thing about being a business owner? What’s the most difficult thing?

I started my business because I believed I had a skillset and passion that could transform people’s lives, and I also started my business for me. I am honored to do my work in partnering with my clients, and it’s deeply fulfilling for me. As a solopreneur, I always feel that I can not fully deliver how I want. There’s always something I want to do, and I can’t move faster than myself. 

Ashley Hines of Thee Tailored Life (Amanda Evans Photography)


Who has supported you along the way and who inspires you?

My sister, Amanda, gave me the tough love to launch my business, so I must give her credit. I’m sure my active perfectionism, at the time, would have taken over and caused me to keep swirling. Being a business owner has a beautiful duality of terrifying and exciting. It’s rollercoaster vibes! I’ve received overwhelming support from all my family and friends, many of which were my first clients. My sister is also my inspiration, as she’s been a successful entrepreneur for many years and has provided me with some of my best business advice to date. 

What are your best suggestions for maintaining work-life balance?

Many years ago, I relieved myself of achieving balance, and things came together. I have much to say about this topic because so many struggle while seeking this illusion. Instead, I pursue harmony. I’ve accepted that every day will look different if I’m sensitive to our ever-changing needs and practice immense self-kindness. My best suggestions are to 1) clarify your values and know this is an ongoing assessment. Our values may shift in different seasons of our lives. For example, one of my top values is time flexibility because I have small children. A decade ago, before children, this didn’t have the same priority in my life. Flexible opportunities allow me to show up fully as a wife and mother. 2) Assess how you spend your time - write it down and give a value to it (minutes, hours, percentage) in your time pie. - What things don’t align with your values and priorities? Make a plan to shift things and achieve more congruency. 3) Delegate as much as possible. I’ve accepted that I’m not a superhero and have finite time and energy. For example, in this season, cooking is challenging for me, so we’ve subscribed to a prepared meal service. I won’t need it forever, but for now, it’s released a significant mental weight for me, allowing me to show up best in the roles that only I can do. 

Ashley Hines of Thee Tailored Life (Amanda Evans Photography)

What is your favorite thing to do outside of organizing?

Travel - especially internationally! This year, I enjoyed two weeks each in Accra, Ghana, and Dubai, UAE. I learn so much about myself by experiencing other cultures, and it’s a healthy break from my routine. I’m grateful to share these meaningful experiences with my family and friends, and I can’t wait for more opportunities.

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