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The Gift-Yourself Guides: Gifts to buy yourself in any season!

The Gift-Yourself Guides: Gifts to buy yourself in any season!

The season of “gifting” can make this time of year challenging! You may be on the receiving end of gifts you don’t want, or feeling the pressure to find the “perfect” gift for others. Alternatively, you may love everything about gift giving! We all have unique experiences an feelings around the holidays. Instead of putting together your typical “gift guides” this year, we put together two “Gift-Yourself Guides”!

This holiday season, we wanted to share with you other brands and products that we love using in our own homes! These Gift-Yourself Guides are items we think you may want to buy for yourself this holiday season.  Because who is better at picking out a gift for you, than you?!

For The Sustainable Home:

  • SortJoy Small Flex Bins
    • Our Flex Bins are our most multi-functional styles, being height-adjustable and machine-washable! as always, Our signature felt is derived of recycled plastics and our products are designed to ship compactly, requiring no fillers in shipping.
  • Biom Wipes
    • Biom wipes are made with no plastics and are biodegradable. Most wipes claim to clean your space, but leave behind toxic chemicals. These purely plant-based wipes have no toxic chemicals!
  • Live Plants
    • Did you know that  Indoor plants may help reduce stress levels and that Working with plants can be therapeutic? They're a great gift for someone you love. Or a gift to yourself!
  • Henry Rose Candles
    • Unfortunately most candles and scents for that matter contain toxic chemicals that make them potentially hazardous to our health.  Henry Rose has beautiful, clean scents we can’t get enough of!
  • Blueland Laundry Set
    • Laundry is a leading contributor to household greenhouse emissions in the United States. Additionally, most detergents are full of toxic chemicals.  Blueland is free from dyes, bleach and comes in a refillable “forever tin” that is so cute! It’s also unscented!
  • Bite Toothpaste
    • Toothpaste may not seem like an exciting item, but Bite is changing the toothpaste game! We love these plastic-free, fluoride free and high-quality ingredient bite toothpaste pits.
  • Caraway Non-Toxic Cookware
    • Caraway makes non-toxic cookware that comes with a compact system for lid organization - which is brilliant! Quality cookware makes cooking more approachable. Anything that encourages us to make more of our own food is a worthwhile investment!

For Relaxed Recharging:

  • SortJoy Sculpted Bin with Lid
    • Our Sculpted Bin with Lid is our best-selling style and makes it easy to store anything - whether it be bright-colored toys or utilitarian boots - and reduce visual clutter. We can better relax in a home that feels and looks organized.
  • Coyuchi Robe 
    • Coyuchi robes are made of thick and plush 100% organic cotton. What is not to love?!
  • Omnilux Face mask
    • Omnilux is the most tested & trusted LED light mask on the market today. We also just love a mask like this as an alternative to single-use masks that you need to keep buying and disposing of.
  • Allbirds Slippers 
    • We love what Allbirds does in the way of transparency and sustainability... and now they make slippers! Allbirds house slippers are made of upcycled wool!
  • Pique Tea 
    • Not all teas are created equal and pique tea is in a league of their own! Not only are their formulations clean, but they are focusing on new ways to make their powerful plant-based ingredients more bioavailable, which equals tea with greater health benefits!
  • Dore and Rose Eye Mask 
    • Dore and Rose makes Mulberry silk items treated with silver ion technology that eliminate 99.7% of bacteria. Reducing acne, breakouts, and irritated skin. We love this eyemask for sleeping. And its even better when paired wth one of their pillocases!
  • Canopy Humidifier
    • Humidifiers, like this one from Canopy, soothe the skin and sinuses as the air gets cold and dry in the winter. We love the streamlined, neutral look of this one!
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