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The Modern Minimalist: An Organizer’s Perspective

The Modern Minimalist: An Organizer’s Perspective

This month we spent some time with Devin at the Modern Minimalist. Devin empowers women to live in alignment with their ideal lifestyle, through the lens of holistic home organization + styling. We so appreciate Devin’s approach and have great respect for her organization and design skills. We’re finding out more about Devin's background, favorite organization tips and trends, thoughts on professional organizer misconceptions, and more!

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How did you get into professional organization? Have you always been an organized person?

I was a nanny through college, and in grad school shifted into household management, then personal assistant work. Organizing was always a part of the work I did in homes, so it was a natural progression. I wouldn’t say I was always organized, but I was taught the value early on. It wasn’t until college living with roommates that I became attuned to the effect of clutter on my mental health. 


What would you say your organizing ethos is? What sets you apart from different organizers?

A minimalist aesthetic. practical, sustainable + visually calming. I’m very sensitive to visual overwhelm, so I prefer not to use transparent materials whenever possible. I care as much about functionality as I do about the visual look + energy of the space. 


Who has supported you along the way and who inspires you?

My incredible partner, so many incredible humans I’ve met in the Konmari community + in the portland entrepreneur community. I’ve been lucky to both be inspired and have the opportunity to work with Shira Gill. I’ve been so lucky! 

How would you define your personal style?

Earthy warm tones, practical, simple. 


Do you have a favorite space to organize? A favorite type of client you like to work with?

Kitchens are my jam. Lately, I’ve been getting to work with a lot of creatives in the portland food scene, who have been incredibly supportive. Collaborating on organizing + designing transformation spaces are my fav. 


What is the most common misconception about professional organizers?

We’re extremely tidy in our own homes, all the time. 


What’s your least favorite organizing trend? Any bad organizing advice you’d warn against?

-Acrylic on acrylic on acrylic. It's gross. In general, I’m pretty anti the consumerist mindset of buying for a look before thinking about the function and what your unique needs are in a space. 

Pictured: The Sculpted - Long Bins in Stone

What’s your advice to someone who lives with another person that is messier than they are?

Well first off, this is ALWAYS the case in couples. developing strong boundaries, and setting limits in common areas vs individual spaces. I know this struggle well, its a tough one! 


If someone is feeling overwhelmed in their space, what’s the one piece of advice you’d give them to help them start?

Set a timer for 15 minutes, address one small area you think you could get done in that timeframe, and FOCUS in. Overwhelm comes when thinking about all the things at once and decision paralysis takes over. Focus in to avoid it and get something accomplished. 


We’re so flattered that you’ve chosen to use SortJoy products in so many client homes. Can you tell us why you’ve selected our pieces for these installs?

The aesthetic is just SO GOOD. There's nothing else like them out there, and I really love the color + texture they add to a space. And as I mentioned, I like not being able to see the things inside, so they give me the feeling of calm I love. 


If you had to pick one, what’s your favorite SortJoy product?

The Sculpted Original Bin. Anything in the Sculpted Collection is my go-to! 

 Pictured: The Sculpted Bins and Clip Labels in Stone

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