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Finding a Place for Everything

Finding a Place for Everything

Close your eyes and picture what your perfect home looks like. Is it clean and organized? No mess, right? Another great question to ask yourself is, what are you doing to get yourself to this ideal space?

Anyone can achieve a tidy and organized home. It just takes understanding your goals and having the tool belt to get yourself there. One of the most important physical steps to getting organized: Finding a place for everything. The place you put each of your belongings should be intentional. Each item you own should have a home within your home. 

We know this may seem like an unattainable goal if you live in a small space or don’t have systems for organization in place, but this evolution is within your grasp. 


A place for everything and

everything in its place.

This is a hugely important part of organizing. If your belongings don’t have their own homes within your space, you are destined to be disorganized. 

Finding a place for each of your items helps you know where to put them back, helps you remember where to find them when you are in a hurry, and it makes it easy to keep your things in order. 

It’s also valuable to set up your space so that your items have logical places based on your use of the space. A great example can be seen when we look at a kitchen. Within a kitchen, you should have different zones based on use. One zone may be cleanup, one zone may be cooking, and another may be food prep. Finding places for your items so they logically work within your zones is critical to saving time and energy in the space. 

To get started, you should think about paring down your items. You can find more about the mindset needed to edit your belongings here and the physical organizational step of editing here.

Then you want to work on placing items where they can serve you best and where they can live with other similar items (read more about corralling like-with-like here). Remember, the goal is to find a place that each of your items live. This means, when you put your items back after use, they should always go back to their designated homes.  Similarly, when you are looking for an item, it should be easy to find!

Our Sorting Bins can serve as great places to store your items. Check out our Sculpted Bins here and our Flex Bins here

When done right, you will live in an organized space where it’s easy to put items back where they belong and you will never lose items in your space.

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