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Organization as Self-Care

Organization as Self-Care

Organizing is self-care, pure and simple. You can better your health both mentally and physically by taking steps to be more organized.

We know this may seem like a radical idea, as self-care is usually reserved for bubble baths, face masks, and finding time for that yoga class. However, spending time to get organized is another great form of self-care - it’s taking care of yourself and your space. Organization alleviates stress, anxiety, and a sense of being overwhelmed. In addition, it  saves time and energy in both the short and longterm. 

It’s time to stop thinking about organizing only as a task and a chore that changes your physical environment - it’s something so much greater. It's a practice that will better your life.

Try editing and organizing your junk drawer or another small space in your home. Even just 15 minutes is enough to see a positive change. Once you are done, think about the weight that has been lifted off your shoulders and how good it feels to have even one drawer organized. Now, think about how good it would be for your health if you had a fully organized home. 

It is so fulfilling to know you have created a space that serves you and allows you to focus on the more important things in life. 

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