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D'Vine Order: An Organizer’s Perspective

D'Vine Order: An Organizer’s Perspective

This month on the blog, we are so excited to feature Dalys Macon, the owner of D'Vine Order! Dalys not only runs her own Professional Organizing and Styling business, but also founded and continues to run the Black Girls Who Organize (BGWO) Platform and Community.  

The BGWO Instagram page was created by Dalys in 2020 to uplift, encourage, educate and spotlight Black and other minority Professional Organizers worldwide. Since then, the page's following has grown exponentially and last year, the BGWO hosted their first Relax, Relate, and Reset (R3) Retreat with 40 attendees, with the second retreat coming up this year in October!

We're thrilled to have the opportunity to talk to Dalys about her own path to Professional Organization and how she was inspired to build a community with the sole purpose of raising others up.


How did you get into professional organizing? 

20+ years ago I discovered Organizing from the book "Organizing from Inside Out" by Julie Morgenstern and only then learned professional organizing was a thing. I did some research and in 2005, I enrolled in NAPO’s Intro to Prof Organizing and completed the training. I had no doubt I could organize but running a business scared me so I didn't pursue it.  Fast forward to a Breast Cancer diagnosis and treatment and my life goals changed. I set out to accomplish things and owning a business was one. There were only 2 choices - styling or organizing.  Becoming a Professional Organizer allows me to do both. 

Dalys Macon of D'Vine Order 

Have you always been an organized person? 

I have been innately organized all my life. As a teen I always kept an immaculate room and wardrobe. As an adult, I am that friend who randomly organizes my friends’ wardrobes. 


Can you tell us about how you decided to start Black Girls Who Organize (BGWO)? 

After having an interest in all things organizing and keeping up with magazines and publications for many years, I was disappointed by the lack of black and minority organizers in printed media. I wrote to one of those major publications and never received a response. I realized I could only control what I can. I decided to start BGWO to feature 12 ladies (one a month); a small feature to honor their achievements.


What has the evolution of BGWO been to this point?  

BGWO had to pivot and evolve since launching in January 2020.  Months later, the Black Lives Matter movement happened and it immediately received attention from the overall organizing industry and many minorities. We evolved from featuring one Organizer a month to one a week. Our community grew at an alarming rate and I had to again shift to inform and build our platform. Due to COVID, we began having monthly meetings online. We again evolved beyond weekly spotlight features to monthly meetings with featured speakers and a gathering to meet (the Retreat) . BGWO has experienced consistent evolution since our start, women have connected and collaborated on many projects.

The 2022 BWGO R3 Retreat

Can you tell us more about the BGWO R3 Retreat Last Year? 

Last year at the request of many to get together, what started as a simple weekend meetup for a dozen, evolved to a Retreat with Guest Speakers and 40 attendees. 2022 BGWO Relax. Relate. Reset (R3) had representation from at least 15 states and Canada. The R3 Retreat was everything we needed that we didn't know we did. There is no price for the sisterhood experienced. So much so, the ladies made me promise to make this a yearly event.


What about this year?!  

This year we have secured 2 Speakers with a focus on Running a Business with Balance. We will also focus on running a Professional Organizing business with specialties.  One of the speakers is an Interior Designer and the other is a Marketing Coach. We also have segments on Mental wellness and going beyond closet organization

The 2022 BWGO R3 Retreat

Who has supported you along the way and who inspires you? 

Fortunate for me, I am blessed with a strong network of supporters, my family— especially my husband and sons, close-knit sister-friends and the BGWO COMMUNITY. They all believe in my cause and are always willing to support me. I am inspired by my parents, especially my 96-year old Mom! I am also inspired by the work of the entire Professional Organizing community. 


What is the most common misconception about professional organizers? 

That we are there to get them rid of their prize possessions or that we are cleaners


If someone is feeling overwhelmed in their space, what’s the one piece of advice you’d give them to help them start? 

Start small. 


Tell us about how you keep organized in your own home. Are there any specific tips or tricks you use that you’d like to share?

Living intentionally, letting go of things that no longer serve us.  Regular maintenance, and implementing repeatable systems that the entire family can maintain. It’s not that some things don’t get misplaced, but once a week (usually Sundays) I have a RESET Day.


If you had to pick one, what’s your favorite SortJoy product? 

Hands down, my large handle bin. It is my go-to bag when traveling to work on a customer's site. I’ve also used it in my closet to place items for donation.


Tell us about your goals for the future: 

To continue evolving with BGWO and using my love and passion for styling to develop more programs within D’VINE ORDER LLC.

Dalys Macon of D'Vine Order 

What is your favorite thing about being a business owner?  

 Helping others transform their homes and lifestyles while doing something I love. What’s the most difficult thing?  Running the business and decision making— finances, marketing, platforms, etc.


Tell us about a moment that made you stop and realize how far you’ve come. 

 I often pause and reflect, it’s easy to focus on what we have not yet done; i often focus on what I have so I remain Grateful.   The fact that I have featured close to 200 ladies when my initial intent was 12 tells me I (we) have come very far.  This fall i will be featured in the "Organized Living" book by Shira Gill that will have worldwide impact and it’s all due to the work done with BGWO.  I am proud of the strides made in the Organizing Community to embrace Prof Organizers regardless of race. 


What can people do to get involved or support BGWO? 

 Continue to show up, support and collaborate authentically. We all need each other. I am grateful to those, including SORTJOY, who supports BGWO. We see you!


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  • Donna James

    You glow girl! I am so proud of you and all you have done. Continue to shine your light and share your wisdom about the art of organizing. Much love, support and prayers for you!

  • Phan Vuong

    Congrats Dalys, well deserved recognition for your passion, dedication, & spirit to inspire/uplift others up along in the journey!! To echo a few of the comments above – love it & inspired.

  • Gloria Simms

    I’m so inspired. Thank you Dayls

  • Giselle Whitfield

    I couldn’t be prouder of Dalys and thoroughly enjoyed reading the article. She is kind enough to share organizing nuggets with her friends and even does a complimentary organizing consultation. Dalys is always willing to help with organizing and providing realistic goals for achieving your desired outcome. She is an absolute joy to be around and her home looks like a showroom, while maintaining the warmth we all love.

  • Tracey

    Wow, this is exciting to see. Dalys loves what she does and loves connecting to people. So proud of her endeavors and looking forward to see what organizing adventures are in store. Wishing you and your business bountiful blessings upon blessings.

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