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SortJoy x This Joyful House: A Collaboration

SortJoy x This Joyful House: A Collaboration

We are so excited to announce that we have collaborated with This Joyful House to bring you The SortJoy Label Tag Collection! 

When Caitlin approached us with the idea to collaborate, we jumped at the idea. We used this opportunity to create our ideal label categories in fonts we loved in the perfect sizes for our Labels. Our 18-packs are now available for Wardrobe, Pantry, and Playroom.

In honor of this exciting collaboration we're talking to Caitlin about how she built her business and continues to do so!


Can you tell us a little about This Joyful House and what services and products you offer?

This Joyful House is a small, woman-owned business based in St. Augustine, Florida. We create beautifully designed custom vinyl labels and stickers for home organization. Every order is tailor-made to suit our customers’ needs. We also offer printables and guides to help people on their organizational journey.


The SortJoy x This Joyful House Label Tags in production

Tell us about your path to professional organization.

Like many organizers, I did not start my career out as a professional organizer, but I’ve always had a LOVE for organization. It wasn’t until Marie Kondo came onto the scene that I even considered it as a career option. I read her books, binge-watched her show, and really connected with the idea that things in your home should “spark joy.” It was a lightbulb moment for me. I flew to New York to complete the KonMari Method™ consultant training as quickly as I could and This Joyful House was born.

Caitlin and her class at The KonMari Method™ consultant training

Have you always been an organized person?

Yes, I have always been an organized person (except one year in 6th grade when I was a total slob). I’ve always needed things in my life to have some semblance of order - that probably stems from the fact I’m one of four kids so life was always a little chaotic, but in a good way! I like to say Monica from Friends is my spirit-animal. I’m the crazy person that is always volunteering to help my friends move or unpack. I love to help people anyway, it’s just in my nature, but give me a label maker and point me to a space that needs to be organized and I am in my happy place.


How did you think to start the product line part of your business?

I love crafting and am 100% a Do-It-Yourself kind of person. I saw vinyl labels on an Instagram account I follow and just HAD to know how to make them. I bought a Silhouette Cameo and instantly fell down the rabbit-hole of vinyl labels - I’m a little obsessed to say the least. As we know, no organized space is complete without labels so I started creating custom labels on Etsy as another service to offer my organizing clients.


What sets your product apart from what you’d buy off-the-shelf or on Amazon?

A common misconception about vinyl labels is that they are easy to make, like printing a sheet of stickers on your home printer. But in reality, about 80% of the process is done by hand. So I’d say the handmade aspect of the process is what sets my labels apart. There is a lot of love (and patience) that goes into crafting each label.

The SortJoy x This Joyful House Label Tags in production

What’s the most important thing to take into consideration when creating categories within a space?

The most important thing to consider when creating categories for a space is who is going to be using it. For kids’ areas I like to keep the categories broad, like “action figures” vs. very specific categories like “Marvel Heroes” or “DC Heroes”. It’s a simpler system to maintain and makes cleanup much easier for kids. Macro categories generally work better for most shared spaces, but just make sure they make sense to you and your family. Keep in mind what you think of when you go searching for an item and label accordingly.


What is your favorite thing about being a business owner? What’s the most difficult thing?

The beauty of custom labels is that it requires you to interact with your customers and mine are THE best! They aren’t just my customers - they have become my friends and organizing besties. Who else can you geek out with over a perfectly organized and labeled space? I love it when they message me photos of their pantries or closets thrilled with the way their labels turned out. As a small business owner you wear many hats: accountant, social media manager, photographer, customer service, website designer, etc. The most difficult thing for me is finding the time to do all the things I want to do for my business while balancing my personal life, but I make it work!


Caitlin form This Joyful House

If someone is feeling overwhelmed in their space, what’s the one piece of advice you’d give them to help them start?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed in any space just remember to focus on one thing at a time and start small. By starting with something like a drawer, a shelf, or a single pile, the success of organizing that one thing will give you the confidence boost you need to keep going. I recommend starting in an area that stresses you out the most because it will have the biggest impact on how you feel in your home.


Who has supported you along the way and who inspires you?

Without a doubt, my parents, my sister, and my husband have been my biggest cheerleaders. My sister is my best friend and she happens to run a very successful “mom” blog. She is my go-to when I have questions about my website or if I need her opinion on a new product. My parents have run their own businesses for over 40 years so they are my sounding board for all my crazy business ideas and my husband is endlessly supportive of whatever I do.


Tell us about your goals for the future:

Right now I am a one-woman operation, but I would love to expand and build a team. My dream is to get my kids involved and eventually have them take over one day. Of course my oldest says he wants to work at McDonalds when he grows up so I guess I have some competition. 


What is your favorite thing to do outside of organizing?

I’m a bit of a home-body, so I love watching movies or playing board games with my kids. I also love to workout; I lead two workout classes for my neighborhood gym. I’m not a fan of getting up in the morning to workout, but I love feeling energized for the rest of the day when I’m done.

Caitlin form This Joyful House

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