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SortJoy x Space Reborn: An Organizer's Perspective

SortJoy x Space Reborn: An Organizer's Perspective

Something we have in common with Dalya is that we started our businesses around the same time! We're so impressed by what Dalya has built in the past few years with Space Reborn. It's been amazing to get to know Dalya better through helping her with client's projects and we're excited to share more about her here on our blog!


How did you get into professional organizing? 

I graduated in May 2020, into a global pandemic with a rough job market. I had studied Marketing and wanted to work in the Finance industry, but given the situation, my parents urged me to pursue my passion of organizing and with their support, Space Reborn was started! 


Have you always been an organized person?

Yes! My mom likes to say when I was two years old, she came back to my crib to find me lining up my stuffed animals by size order! I’ve always been neat and tidy -in high school, i would organize my notes for the class to use!


Closet Organization by Space Reborn

What would you say your organizing ethos is?  What sets you apart from different organizers?

My ethos is “Always be there”. I love being at every single job, getting to know the client personally, and creating a system for them. I have a true relationship with my clients - if they text me at midnight wanting to know where their brown sugar is, I am able to respond. 


Who has supported you along the way and who inspires you?

My parents of course have been my #1 supporters since day 1. Besides my parents, my best friend, Juliet, has been my rock through all the craziness of growing Space Reborn!

 Closet Organization by Space Reborn

Do you have a favorite space to organize or a favorite type of client you like to work with?

Playrooms, kids closets 




What is the most common misconception about professional organizers?

The biggest misconception is that organizing is Just about putting things into containers. There’s a process: Edit. Categorize, placement. Containers are the last step - They don’t make you organized they just help maintain the system. Just because you spent money on containers doesn’t mean you're organized!You can have bins that makes no sense!


Dalya Goldman from Space Reborn

What’s your least favorite organizing trend? Or is there bad organizing advice you’d warn against?

I don’t like mix matched bins! Of course it’s fun to mix styles but consistency is key in a space! I would warn against not editing down your things before organizing! Also, always always measure your space!


If someone is feeling overwhelmed in their space, what’s the one piece of advice you’d give them to help them start?

II would tell them to start small! Choose one space- your medicine cabinet, makeup drawer, or cleaning closet and tackle that. Every space gives you more motivation to continue!

Playspace Organization by Space Reborn

If you had to pick one, what’s your favorite SortJoy product?

Its so hard to choose but I would go with The Sculpted Bin! I love how it adds functionality and a clean, neutral aesthetic to spaces! 

Tell us about your goals for the future:

Besides continuing designing functional and aesthetic spaces for my clients, I would love to start creating my own product! Throughout my years of organizing, there are so many products I feel are missing in the market and I would love to fill that gap! 

Playspace Organization by Space Reborn

What is your favorite thing to do outside of organizing?

I like to say that my hobby is my job, so on my off time, you will catch me folding and organizing anything I can get my hands on. But outside of that, I love hanging out with my friends and family - I have a new nephew I visit at any opportunity! 

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